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Veterinary Practice Management

Our Veterinary Practice Management program is a certificate program designed to fulfill the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association college credit requirements for becoming a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager while helping our students improve their own business practices and study for the CVPM examination.

What does the Veterinary Practice Management program cover?

The Veterinary Practice Management program offers college courses that focus on the following subjects in the context of veterinary and animal-related businesses:

  • Law and Ethics I & II

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • Organizational Structure

What are the requirements for becoming a CVPM?

The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association has established four requirements for earning your CVPM:

  • Eighteen college semester hours in management related courses

  • Active employment as a practice manager for a minimum of three years within the last seven

  • Forty-eight hours of continuing education courses devoted to management

  • Four letters of recommendation

Our program fulfills the college credit requirements required by the VHMA while being completely focused in veterinary and animal-related businesses. Apex College of Veterinary Technology also offers continuing education courses.

What if I am not a practice manager yet?

Veterinary Practice Management program graduates learn management and business skills, laws, and organization while building a portfolio of sample policies and contracts. This experience and portfolio can help you in your goal of moving into a management position.

The CVPM certification process through VHMA allows for students to complete their education prior to earning their experience hours as a manager; learning these skills can help launch your career in a positive trajectory.

What if I am already a practice manager? Why do I need these classes?

The Veterinary Practice Management program is designed to be most helpful for those that already own or manage an animal-related business such as a veterinary clinic, animal rescue, retail location, etc. Our courses allow existing managers to create, review, and revise policies and documentation based on what is learned in class. Every assignment can be applied to your existing business.

By completing our Veterinary Practice Management program, you not only meet the college credit requirements to earn your CVPM, but you also get to work to improve your management skills and organization and collaborate with other managers.

What if I want to open my own animal-related business?

The Veterinary Practice Management program provides prospective animal-related business owners with an understanding of business structure differences and benefits, financial reporting, hiring and human resources, and the laws that affect animal-related businesses most specifically.

Assignments can be focused on creating documentation and policies for the planned business so that everything is directly applicable to your goals as a business owner.



How much does the Veterinary Practice Management program cost?


Our students pay for only the classes they need to take, when they are taking them.

Tuition for all programs is $210/credit. Transfer credits are applied at no cost to the student, with no need to pay any tuition or fees for transferred courses.

As a short-format program, the Veterinary Practice Management certificate allows students to gain marketable skills with a very limited cost. Our goal is to keep great students and help our students avoid debt through fair and mutually beneficial tuition and scholarship offerings.

How do I apply for the Veterinary Practice Management program?

We recommend scheduling a tour to see our campus and speak with our faculty. If you like what you see and think Apex College of Veterinary Technology is the right school for you, you will also need to complete our online application.

Our administrative staff will follow-up to help you complete the rest of the admission process and establish your start date based on your application completion date and your application data.

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