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What Makes Apex College of Veterinary Technology Different?

Our Educational Offering

Education Without Student Debt

Our students can earn scholarships just for doing well in their classes. We reward students for their hard work and keep great students through our scholarship programs. Our graduates' paychecks don't need to go to student loans.

Multiple Programs Offered

We offer three programs so that our students can choose the right fit for them. We never require that you take one program before you can qualify for another.

Small Class Sizes

Class sizes are maintained at a maximum of 12 students to each instructor. This allows customization of the learning experience to individual students and plenty of interaction and practical time.

Continuing Education Suppport

Whether you graduate from one of our programs or from another school, we are the local leader in continuing education options for all levels of veterinary professional.

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Our Faculty Standards

All Faculty Hold Credentials

We require that all of our faculty have the appropriate credentials for their field and that they maintain those credentials. As a school, we require our faculty to exceed the continuing education requirements for their credential.

Strict Animal Care Standards

We work in the veterinary profession with a love and respect for our animal friends. Our school never treats an animal as only a "learning opportunity". We work to provide an incredible standard of care to our patient animals. Our students learn through practicing quality care.

Immense and Varied Experience in the Field

Together, our faculty boasts over 90 years of clinical experience as veterinary technicians, specialists, and doctors.

100% of Faculty are Published Authors

All of our faculty have contributed to industry publications including textbooks, guidelines, and articles.

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Green Campus

We have an Environmental Committee open to students, faculty, and the community to help us maintain a more positive relationship with the environment. So far the Environmental Committee has limited paper use, added recylcing services, and planted bee and butterfly friendly gardens.

A City Linked to Nature

Colorado Springs is located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in the shadow of America's Mountain, Pikes Peak. There are 9,000 acres of parks, 5,000 acres of open space, 150 miles of trails, and 47 dog parks in our city.

CO Springs is Highly Ranked

Our location has been ranked by a number of publications as being the best place to live. Outside Magazine called us the #1 "Best Town". Men's Health called us the #1 "Best City for Dogs". Forbes called us #1 "America's Most Pet-Friendly City". Women's Health called us the #2 "Best Place to Live for Women".

We are Honored to Help an Amazing Community

Our students and faculty donate veterinary services to our local community and non-profits including the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, the Humane Society of Fremont County, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, the Denver Zoo, Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, and the Colorado Springs Homeless Shelter.

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Our Location
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