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What options do our students have to make their education work for their budget?

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Military Spouse (MyCAA) Scholarship

Apex College of Veterinary Technology is an approved institution for Spouse Education Career Opportunities (SECO). This means that military spouses that meet the requirements can earn a scholarship to cover their tuition in any of our programs. 

If you are a military spouse, download the MyCAA information sheet.

Transfer Credits from Other Institutions

There are two types of credits that can be considered for transfer based on a transcript from another school. General Education credits for non-applied courses in Humanities, Behavioral Science, Natural/Applied Science, and Mathematics can often be applied directly. Courses that directly apply to the programs require students to pass a subject-specific placement test. There is no cost associated with evaluating transcripts, placement testing, or applying transfer credits. Any credits applied are simply courses that the student does not have to pay to retake for their program!

To learn more about having your transcripts evaluated, Contact Us.

Placement Testing for On-the-Job Trained Technicians

Veterinary professionals that have been working in the field for at least five years can take a comprehensive placement test to determine what credits can be applied because the student's knowledge is already where it needs to be! This means that students can use their experience to reduce their time to graduation, lower the cost of their education, and know exactly where they stand against the content veterinary technicians are expected to know.

We respect the knowledge and skill that are gained through hard work and it is important to recognize and provide an avenue for experienced students to apply this when they want to continue their education.

To learn more about the placement testing requirements and process, Contact Us.

Customized Registration

Every quarter we build a course offering specific to our student body. Once the offering is determined, all of our course sections are visible to our students online where they can customize their registration so that the schedule and cost are in line with what they need. We do not force students to take more classes than they want or can handle and always make options available and visible.

To learn more about our flexible and customizable progression, Contact Us.

Transfer Credits
Placement for OJT
Payment Plans
Customized Registration
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