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Accreditation Candidate Conference

July 2016 marks Apex College of Veterinary Technology's one year anniversary for students enrolled in courses. This meant it was time to attend the Candidate Academy for our federal accreditation.

The Candidate Academy is a required conference for all schools seeking accreditation with the Council on Occupational Education. The conference allows us to learn the latest in the rules and requirements for accreditation so that we can be prepared to go through the application process.

As our Chief Regulatory Compliance Officer, Rainy made the trip to New Orleans, LA to learn the new federal guidelines for accredited schools and complete this important milestone.

She made the drive from Colorado with her husband through New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma to get to Louisiana for the conference. Conference days were long but they got a few opportunities to eat food and check out the (very warm and humid) area!

We are currently making some changes to our catalog and general education courses to make sure that we meet every requirement for moving forward in the accreditation process. If you have questions, please see Rainy in the office. Otherwise we will send the updated catalog with a summary of the changes to everyone once they are finalized.

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